BEAUTIFUL ME is a place of tranquility, relaxation and beauty. A place to     connect with your inner self while providing loving care to your own body and it's wellbeing. 


Achieve a healthier body, pamper yourself finding a place to connect inside while nurturing your beautiful body.

We offer different services to achieve your ideal body and shape. Among different treatments, we offer the most amazing and advanced protocols, providing each person with not only a slim, toned and rejuvenated body, but also a healthier and overall more balanced body. Each protocol is a full package including sessions with advanced technologies like, Ionethermie, LipoMelt, UltraSculpt, SWS (the Shrink Wrap System), and YouthLift facial rejuvenation among others.


Welcome to your bliss, BEAUTIFUL ME



Our mission is to make you feel beautiful in your own skin. To pamper, nurture and give to your beautiful body in whatever shape it may be. Above all we want to help you achieve your ideal body goals. Wether it be getting rid of fine wrinkles, melting away body fat, oxygenating dry skin, hydrating, detoxing, or relaxing your body through a massage, we are here to provide you with cutting edge technology and a personalized experience tailored to fit your individual needs.



Welcome to your bliss, BEAUTIFUL ME




As far as I can remember I’ve always enjoyed and admired beauty, I enjoyed to be in the company of people that were really nice, loving, kind, filled with joy and laughter, who on top of that looked amazing and beautiful. I learned that in order to look like that, each of them was careful and very aware of what their choices were, the food they eat, their surroundings, their friends, their hobbies, etc… I remember them being joyful and open hearted...

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