As far as I can remember I’ve always enjoyed and admired beauty, I enjoyed to be in the company of people that were really nice, loving, kind, filled with joy and laughter, who on top of that looked amazing and beautiful. I learned that in order to look like that, each of them was careful and very aware of what their choices were, the food they eat, their surroundings, their friends, their hobbies, etc… I remember them being joyful and open hearted, and definitely always comfortable with giving to themselves and understanding the importance of investing in themselves; It wasn’t something they had to think about, they understood how necessary it was for their own wellbeing and their successful results in many aspects of their lives, if not in all aspects of their lives.


I was born in a family were weight management was always a challenge. For me my appearance was very important because from a very young age I was invited to perform in television, events, concerts and theater; As I did this I learned how important the physical appearance was in order to be seen and invited to be part of fashion shows, plays and concerts, especially when the offer extended to me was leading roles and solo performances.


As I participated in all those activities, I learned simple and powerful techniques for beauty, youth maintenance and regeneration of the body and skin. Later when I decided to dedicate my life to assist others in their own transformations sharing my knowledge, I decided to create a wellness and holistic spa where I could share and create different protocols for different purposes, all with the same direction for improving and reaching individual goals, looks, health, etc.


I wanted to share my experience and inspire, motivate and assist others in reaching their own goals, all from a place of experience, vulnerability, authenticity and truth; Creating a very safe and loving environment for each individual process and journey, reaching their goals fast, with ease and grace.


When I moved from my country, Colombia, to the US, my body had to adjust to new food and ways of how the food was grown. The first few years were challenging but I was still thin, size 4, very toned and very happy with my looks. In 1999 I moved from Florida to California, emotionally it was extremely challenging, and literally in nine months I went from size 4 to size 20; my body has been always curvier but this was overwhelming, for me I didn't knew what to do, I was completely depressed, thinking I was ugly, unlovable, undesirable, etc. I let go of my strength and started to hide in every possible way, as if as by doing that I would be hiding my looks. When I was with people around, I would smile as if everything in my world was more than perfect, but inside I was in extreme pain, sadness, filled with inner judgements against my own self and who I was; becoming completely unmerciful, brutal, fatal against myself to the point where I felt completely paralyzed.


One day a beautiful friend asked me what was happening with me, I completely broke down and, in that, I received the most wonderful blessings for me and my life without even knowing. After that moment I began my journey of understanding my beauty and worth, and with that experiencing how to let go of that which I didn’t want to carry with me any longer. While walking that path, learning so much about what works and what does not, I learned how to make that process a loving and fun experience, and how by doing that and inviting better choices and fun in my life the results were impressive and absolutely beautiful. I transformed suffering into fun, sadness into joy,  self doubt into strength, self sabotage into self love.


Close friends and acquaintances started to ask me what I was doing, as I started to share with them their lives started to transform in the same way or even more powerfully; all successful stories that forced me to learn and experience more and more.

This was when Beautiful Me was born. When the time came to name my dream and business,  in that search of looking for the perfect name I decided “Beautiful Me” was the only way to go, because I truly believe we all are beautiful just the way we are, and in that understanding all our goals and desires are possible because they come from a place of desire and not from a place of lack or undeserving;  I also understand we all have goals and would like to get certain looks, appearances, a certain type of skin radiance, a body shape and size, toned skin, energy, flexibility, etc. I believe we can reach any one of our goals with the correct assistance, guidance, support system and by making the process a journey of loving transformation, acknowledging our successes and being grateful for the learnings, journey and accomplishments.


In “Beautiful Me” we use thel the latest technology in beauty and skin care as part of the protocols designed for the different treatments which will lead you not only to reach your goals and beyond,but also includes a very loving and pampering experience which is the secret of a magical touch.


“Beautiful Me”

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