ULTRASCULPT: LipoMax RF Technology

body contouring, cellulite reduction 

slimming and toning, non-invasive technology

The LipoMax RF is perfect for the following treatments:

  • Cellulite

  • Weight and size reduction

  • Pre- and post- liposuction

  • Body Shaping

  • Body Toning

The new LipoMax™ RF is unique in the current market of aesthetic equipment. It is at the cutting edge, going beyond the traditional and offering better results.

LipoMax™ RF uses a unique combination that works together in synergy to attack the six main problems related to cellulite:

  • Irregular skin contour Decreased dermis integrity and adipose tissue compression, resulting in the outward bulging of subcutaneous adipose tissue.

  • Dimpled skin As we age, fibrous band quality starts reducing. Fat cells bulge inside the dermis, causing this distinctive appearance.

  • Orange peel appearance Capillary dynamics is compromised and causes interstitial fibrosis, reduced venous return and lymphatic flow. All this results in fat deformity.

  • Localized fat deposits Fat cells group together in large clusters divided by fibrous strips (fibrous septum). As fat cells expand due to weight gain, fibrous strips cannot stretch nor support the skin. The septa with the fat clusters are pulled, resulting in fat cell increase and adherence.

  • Edema and heavy legs This functional problem in lymphatic drainage causes fluid accumulation inside the septum, reduced circulation and increased lipogenesis.

  • Ripples on inner thighs Elasticity is reduced and dermal density is lost, producing an anti-aesthetic appearance of ripples on inner thighs

how does LipoMax work?

Four preprogrammed phases using multiple energy technologies:

Phase 1: Photopneumatic massage with infrared light 

Pulsating suction improves circulation and loosens the fibrous bands of the connective tissue around the fat deposits, improving lymphatic drainage, reducing fibrous adhesion and dimpling.

The infrared light makes skin more flexible and prepared for the rolling action of the treatment head while fat layers are prepared for the thermo-adipolysis. The infrared light and ultrasound are used consecutively. Each sequence is used to heat-specific dermal depths.

Phase 2:Ultrasound (Thermo-Adipolysis)

The ultrasound accelerates and increases the adipolysis process by spreading heat from one molecule to another, heating up, indeed, the deepest layers, where cellulite is formed. This produces a response similar to fever in the adipocytes, which, at the same time, activate the release of stored fat to regulate the tissue temperature.

Phase 3: Bipolar radio frequency (remodeling with collagen)

The bipolar radio frequency is used to provide heat evenly to the dermis. The increase of dermal temperature stimulates new collagen production, tightens and tones up the skin while providing positive structural and surface changes. The controlled heating of subcutaneous layers produces tissue stretching, increases circulation and causes the reabsorption and drainage of retained liquid and toxins.​

Phase 4: Needle-free mesotherapy

The LipoMax™ RF also includes a meso-aesthetic feature: "needle-free mesotherapy." It transdermally delivers mesotherapy products rich in fat-burning ingredients that stimulate the breaking-up of fat tissue.​


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